exhibition Switzerland 2019

Exhibition katzerine 2019

Exhibition Kibutz Yagour 2019

Aviv Center, Kfar Tavor, opening Monday, February 1, 2017

Culture Center Yad Shitrit, Tiberias, opening November 12, 2016

Culture Center Yad Shitrit, Tiberias

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Bracha Fischel - Exhibition in Hebrew

Lavi Kibbutz Hotel, 2008

Bracha Fischel proudly shows off her artwork at the Lavi Hotel.
Kibbutz Lavi Hotel is located in the hills of the Lower Galilee, in view of the magical landscapes of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Mountains, is the Kibbutz Lavi Hotel, amidst the flowers and fields of Kibbutz Lavi. Being centrally located within the Lower Galilee, the kibbutz and its hotel serve as an excellent touring base for all of the recreation of the entire region. Easy access to Tiberias, Sea of Galilee, Golan Heights, the entire Galilee and the city of Nazareth. Kibbutz Lavi A perfect home base for touring the North, A unique synagogue. The special Jewish atmosphere of the only Orthodox kibbutz hotel in the Lower Galilee. Large conference center in the countryside and luxurious lobby were my work was displayed.

Mitzpe Netofa, 2008

An Exhibition of over fifty paintings took place at Mitzpe Netofa.
Mitzpe Netofa is a vibrant, religious community located in the Lower Galilee. Mitzpe Netofa is only 5 minutes from the Golani Junction, the gateway to Northern Israel. 20 minutes from Tiberias and only half an hour away from Safed, Afula, the Jordan Valley, Karmiel and the suburbs of Haifa. Mitzpe Netofa overlooks the scenic Netofa Valley and is blessed with cool summer evenings.