Bracha Fischel born in 1959 in Switzerland. She wanted to become a nurse, she always appreciated art and enjoyed painting as a hobby.

In 1991 she moved to Israel where she married. She settled with her husband and three girls in a lovely home in Tiberius, in the Galilee.

In 2006 she came down with sever arthritis, after undergoing surgery on her neck she was paralyzed from the neck down. Her body gradually lost strength, and over time she eventually lost the use of both her hands as well as the ability to walk. During rehabilitation in "Tel-Hashomer Hospital" a volunteer took her as budding young artist under his wing, and taught her how to paint using the brush held between her teeth. The volunteer began with the basics, teaching Bracha to draw squares, circles and other shapes, adding shading and shadows. It took time to develop her jaw and other mouth muscles to properly hold a pencil or brush. She was determined to succeed despite the difficulties.

She made rapid progress, and is now a full-fledged artist in her own right. After six months in "Tel-Hashomer Hospital" she returned home. She turned to art for inspiration, expression and spiritual guidance. Painting with her mouth helped her adjust to her new situation. Bracha has continued to improve her skills and has enjoyed her greatest success as an artist.

Shortly after Bracha Fischel started painting, she displayed her art work at several exhibitions. In 2008 she had her first exhibit at Lavi Hotel in Kibbutz Lavi.

Bracha Fischel has developed a distinctive style, useing acrylic to paint landscapes, flowers, trees and traditional scenes from her hometown.She decided to display her work in order to show people that although she can not do a lot of things, she has the strength to move forward.

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